Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Norfolk, Surry Hills

The Drink 'n' Dine group has brought a refreshing vibe into the Sydney bar and pub scene in the last year. It seems like every place that this group touches turns into gold. Places like The Carrington and Queenies is proof to their success. It's also thanks to the genius mind of their executive chef, Jamie Thomas, every venue offers delicious dishes. One of my favourite Drink ‘n’ Dine bars to eat at is The Norfolk.
The Norfolk - dining area

The Norfolk is located on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills.  The place has a friendly pub feel. They serve a wide range of comfort food consisting of deep fried dishes, burgers, sliders and ribs. The menu had me at burgers!
Beef burger
I had their beef burger ($18.50), which was a two-handed (it was so big that it required two hands to eat it) burger with a side of fries. It had a juicy beef patty, cheese, pickle, sauce and bacon. The bun was soft and fluffy but also held the contents well.
Chicken burger
The chicken burger ($17) had deep-fried chicken breast, Asian slaw, cheese and Sriracha mayo with a side of fries. Cooking chicken breast right is the hardest thing to do but the chicken in this burger was deep fried well. The meat was still moist whilst the batter was very crispy. The slaw, mayo and cheese worked well together.
Barbecued sweet corn
The barbecued sweet corn ($5.50) is one item not to be missed. It is no doubt one of the best barbecued corn dishes I've had. The smokey taste of the corn goes perfectly well with the chipotle mayo, cheese and lime.
As much as I would love to try items such as deep fried pickles and pork belly roll, I was already too full. I guess that's just more reason to return and try all the other awesome food on the Norfolk menu.

The Norfolk
305 Cleveland St. 
Surry Hills NSW 2010. 
Ph. 9699 3177

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  1. Can you believe that I still have not been? Must make it a point this week.

  2. I went over the weekend and it was bloody amazing!! How good is that corn?!?! You have to try some of their tacos next time, and their pork belly slider. SO GOOD!

  3. Those are some seriously good looking burgers! Don't think I could say no to the corn either!

  4. Would love to get a burger there! But by the time I walk there from work for lunch, I would have to leave in 10-15min :( I love how they serve crinkle cut chips

  5. i love the rins here but the burgers look pretty good too! cant wait to return!

  6. Oooo I want to try a deep fried pickle!! Loving the look of the corn, really into corn at the moment. Another place to add to my list.

  7. Oh I do like sliders and onion rings, I know I would love this place.


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