Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NaruOne Korean Restaurant, Sydney

Some of my happiest childhood memories just happen to revolve around food. These happy times include Friday pizza nights,  burgers and a lot of fried chicken. Most kids I knew get excited with playgrounds and new toys. Food was more up my alley back in the days. Not that a lot has changed nowadays as food still continues to mesmerise me including my love for fried chicken.

NaruOne Korean Restaurant - dining area
In Sydney, we are blessed with so many fried chicken places. A recent discovery by Helen and a confirmation by Billy has made way to a happy place that served awesome Korean Fried Chicken.  This happy place is known as NaruOne. It is located in a lower level  (just below street level) of a building on Pitt Street (now known as Korea Town). The place was very casual and nicely lit. I visited twice just to be able to try varieties of fried chicken they had to offer. We were also able to sample some other dishes.
NaruOne banchan
Just like any Korean restaurant, the dishes come with tasty complimentary banchan (Korean side dishes).
Rice cakes stir fried in chilli sauce
The rice cakes stir fried in chilli sauce was very flavoursome with some hints of sweetness.But be warned! It is not for the faint-hearted human. It is super spicy!
Half and half fried chicken plate
Sweet and spicy fried chicken
Original fried chicken
Down to business, we were here to check out the fried chicken! On our first visit, The Heart of Food and I chose a half and half plate of fried chicken ($33). We had a mix of the original and sweet and spicy chicken. The sweet and spicy fried chicken had a strong garlic flavour, more than what I would prefer but still tasty. Even if the original fried chicken didn't have the rippley batter, it still had a crisped texture and was very delicious.

Just when we thought the first visit was awesome, the next visit was another level of awesomeness.
Braised beef short ribs
The braised beef short ribs ($19 - small size) comes with a choice of either mild or hot sauce. We opted for the mild version. It was tender indeed and it came with sweet potato noodles and sauce that reminded me of sukiyaki, only with a thicker consistency.
NaruOne's Fried chicken with spring onion
A closer look at the awesome fried chicken with spring onion at NaruOne
I now see why NaruOne's fried chicken with spring onion ($32) has been crowned by Grab Your Fork as the current best fried chicken in Sydney. The beautiful ripples on the golden batter provide the ultimate crisp and crunch experience. Once you get into the flavourful meat, it's like a party that will make your palate dance like there's no tomorrow. It is also not as oily compared to most fried chicken dishes that I've had. Also included with the plate of chicken pieces was a teriyaki-like sauce that had hints of what tasted like wasabi or English mustard.
 In my honest opinion, it is currently the best Fried Chicken in Sydney. NaruOne's secret is out and for all to enjoy.  Another Ramen Raff Happy Place has been found.

NaruOne Korean Resturant
Address: 375 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 9261 2680
Open from lunch until 3am
Closes at 10am on Sunday and Monday

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  1. YUM! Fried chicken makes me happy! Love super crunchy fried chicken so this sounds right up my alley. Am always around that area, so I really should drop in and give this place a try!

  2. Oh what brilliant chicken they have there. Made me so happy eating it :)

  3. This place looks pretty amazing. I'd love the look of those braised beef ribs too!

  4. I NEED to come here so I can eat ALL the fried chicken!!

  5. Lol I can feel the fried chicken love from here! The batter is unbelievably crunchy and I love that wasabi soy sauce for dipping too.

  6. YAY...we're going here soon. I'll be my first "real" KFC experience...want the KFC with Shallots, that looks GREAT!

  7. umm hello mighty goodness! i cannot wait to get my fingers on that chicken. Ahem, are you going to take me? :P HAHAHA jokes! Fried chicken with spring onions it is!!!

  8. Totally agree, it is the BEST KFC in Sydney at the moment. So addictive, gah!

  9. ive seen so much of helen, billy and your fried chicken adventures, i am drooling! cant wait to try this place!

  10. oh mann the chicken here is so good! ooh i like the look of the non-rippley batter chicken too - i need another visit haha

  11. It's all I think about now! NaruOne fried chicken!!!
    Love how you have taken several shots of the chicken in different positions. Food porn at it's core!!


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