Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Menya Noodle Bar, Haymarket

There are people who enjoy the heat of summer probably because it's the best beach weather. Me on the other hand, I enjoy winter because it is the best weather for ramen! Imagine a hot bowl of perfection presented before you with an array of colours from the egg noodles, a milky or golden pork broth, a sheet of nori, sliced bamboo shoots, shallots, slices of tender pork and soft-boiled egg. The smell draws you in and the taste comforts you with every sip of broth and slurp of noodles. It's like heaven on earth.

I have visited another awesome ramen joint in Chinatown called Menya Noodle Bar. Menya has a few other branches but apparently, the Chinatown (Haymarket) branch, specialises in tonkotsu broth (pork bone broth). They simmer pork bones for 10 hours to create their tonkotsu broth. Pork broth plus egg noodles equals happiness, right? Since tonkotsu ramen is my favourite type of ramen, I just had to make the trek!
tonkotsu-miso ramen

On my first visit, I opted for the tonkotsu-miso ramen ($10.30). It is a milky pork broth with egg noodles topped with cha-shu (roast pork), sheet of nori, sliced bamboo shoots, naruto (sliced fish cake) and chopped green onions. The pork flavour in the broth was evident with slight hints of soy, miso and fish flavours.

Tori karaage

I paired my ramen with some tori karaage or simply karaage chicken ($1.30 per piece).  It is pieces of fried chicken with light crispy batter. It was juicy and flavourful. This version is a little bit more peppery than most karaage chickens I've had.

 Super rich tonkotsu ramen
I made sure that my second visit was on a weeknight so I could try the super rich tonkotsu ramen. This special ramen is only available on weeknights from 5:30pm. It has a thick broth with potent pork flavour. This is the second richest and thickest tonkotsu broth I've had. It has the usual toppings found in a ramen including shredded leek. The leek adds extra texture and flavour, which also compliments the broth

This time around, I went for some gyozas  ($6.90/6 pieces) to have with my ramen. They are ramen's best friends after all!

Menya Noodle Bar, Haymarket has so much to offer in terms of ramen variety. Their ramen is inexpensive, flavoursome and servings are generous.

Menya Noodle Bar, Chinatown
8 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9212 1020

Trading hours:
Lunch : 11:30pm - 3:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm - 9:30pm


  1. Man I've been craving chicken karaage like crazy lately... this place looks good! Its so great to find cheap Jap eats around the city...

  2. Menya chinatown was the first ramen joint I ever went to! My bro raves about their super rich tonkotsu ramen, I've still yet to try it.. mum likes to add leek as well when she makes it at home though I prefer without the leek ^^"

    Btw never knew naruto meant sliced fishcake!

  3. God, I love ramen. I haven't tried Menya Noodle Bar yet, but I live near the Menya in Bondi Junction and I hit them up for soba all. the. time. Have to get over to Haymarket to try their ramen.

  4. Love menya mappen on George St. It's the only one I've tried. But damn that ramen looks good. And I always pair it up with karaage too - how can you not?

  5. I am still yet to try Meny Noodle Bar. Ramen looks good and that tori karaage looks pretty good too.

  6. I'm part of the minority who haven't tried it either - foodie pics look pretty yummy though!

  7. I work right near a Menya Noodle Bar but I keep forgetting to go! Thanks for reminding me and for a great review!


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