Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gnome Espresso and Wine Bar, Surry Hills

If one was to search for good espresso based drinks and cafe food in Sydney, you cannot go wrong with Surry Hills. One of my new happy places in Sydney is in the form of a cafe called Gnome Espresso and Wine Bar. It is located on Crown Street, Surry Hills. It is a Cafe by day and a wine bar restaurant by night (that still serves coffee of course!).

The ambience is cozy and laid back. A barista friend of mine has recommended this joint a while ago. But when Chocolatesuze mentioned that they have a super grilled cheese sandwich, I instantly planned a breakfast visit. Gnome had me at grilled cheese. That breakfast was followed by lunch visits.

Flat white

The flat white ($3.50) is excellent! It  was full-bodied, not bitter and very smooth.

Piccolo latte

Super grilled cheese sandwich

ooohhh yeahhhh!!! So awesome right?

The super grilled cheese sandwich ($12). It is a big serving of grilled cheese sandwich which has three cheeses (cheddar, gruyere, and buffalo mozzarella) that oozes out of the sourdough bread. It also has proscioutto that works really well with the three cheeses. The only thing missing in this sandwich is the word "awesome" in its name. It should be called Super awesome grilled cheese sandwich.

Mini beef burger

The mini beef burger ($10) with  swiss cheese, caramelised onions and tomato relish, is  like a large slider. It is about the size of a McDonald's cheeseburger. But taste wise, it is bursting with flavour. It is very juicy for a small burger and the taste somehow reminds me of chili con carne.

Spicy meatball in mozzarella and tomato basil sauce

The spicy meatballs in mozzarella and tomato basil sauce ($14) served with a side of sourdough, is a perfect comfort lunch food! The spiced meatballs is full of flavour and so is the sauce. There's a choice of having  it served in a bowl or baguette.

At Gnome Espresso, they take their excellent coffee and food seriously.  Their service is great and I've always left their place with a happy belly! Two thumbs up for me!

Gnome Espresso and Wine Bar
536 Crown Street  
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9332 3191
Trading Hours:
Monday 7am – 5pm
Tuesday – Friday 7am -9.30pm
Saturday 8am -9.30pm
Sunday 8am-5pm
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  1. I agree! I love their coffee and yes to super grilled cheese sandwich. Their boards are excellent too

  2. They all look AWESOME! Surry Hills does have alot of great eats!

  3. Very nice review! Bar seems pretty interesting, and food looks nice.

  4. Really hate that surry hills takes a bit of effort for me to get to. I'm missing out on so much!

  5. ohhhh so cheesy! the burger is pretty good value too

  6. Cheese and meatballs - yes please!!!

  7. the stretchy cheese looks insane!!! mmm grilled cheese :)

  8. The cheese, look at that awesome cheese!!

  9. You know I hate cheese but that super grilled sandwich looks so mighty awesome!

  10. ALL the good food in town seems to live in Surry Hills, and that grilled cheese sandwich is no different. That looks almost criminally good.

  11. Wow, that oozy cheese shot is pretty impressive!

  12. Thanks for the updates. It made a good read


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