Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EasyWay - Fruit Pulp Party 2

Summer is gone (well, it didn't feel like we had one anyway) and now, we've entered the autumn zone. We will soon see less of singlets and shorts as the season draws closer to winter. Clothing may go out of fashion at some point, but fruits and milk tea will not!

In my opinion, EasyWay's milk teas and shakes are soothing refreshments all year round. Easy Way has yet again taken innovative steps to bring us a range of new & enticing drinks to cater to a wide range of taste buds. We now enter "The Fruit Pulp Party II" zone. Adding pineapple, mango or passionfruit to your favourite bases such as milk teas, iced black/green tea, shakes etc. takes classic EasyWay drinks to another level of refreshing taste.

Mango pulp milk tea - It tastes like a normal milk tea for a second or two. But as soon as the mango pulps follows, it turns the milk tea into a more tropical type blend. The pulps are a sweeter alternative to pearls.

Passion fruit pulp black tea - it is lightly sweetened and a little bit sour. The passionfruit taste in the drink is a little bit more dominant than the black tea flavour.

Pineapple milkshake - it tastes like piña colada minus the alcohol after taste.

Pineapple pulp green tea - lightly sweetened with a strong green tea taste. The pulp adds a nice texture & extra fruity sweetness to the drink.

Passionfruit pulp frappe (extra green apple jelly optional) – I love the after taste. I recommend adding green apple jelly to this drink.

Mango pulp milkshake -  It is a creamy and fruity shake. The vanilla ice cream is used in the shake.

I feel like going to my nearest EasyWay now after all that talk about their new range of milk teas and shakes! Why not head to your nearby EasyWay store and get refreshed with their Fruit Pulp Party II drinks!

Ramen Raff was invited by Katheryn and Nicholas of EasyWay to try out the Fruit Pulp Party II range.

EasyWay Bubble Tea


  1. oh that Passionfruit pulp frappe has my name all over it :D will try this next time woot!

    1. The pineapple looks interesting.
      I've always preffered chattime .. but im eyeing the pineapple now~

  2. I'm still trying to convince myself i like these style drinks, it tastes good for a couple of mouthfuls but then i just can't drink anymore!

  3. nice idea...thanks for sharing....

  4. Yummy yummy yummy. Awesome drinks and my favorite one is Mango pulp milkshake which is a creamy and fruity shake.

  5. I tried these drinks before but felt sick afterwards.


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