Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pasticceria Papa

It was my first ever visit to Haberfield and l loved it! I was diggin' the retro Italian/Aussie suburban vibe of the area. One of the best things about Haberfield is that it is home to the renowned Pasticceria Papa.

Pasticceria Papa is a Cafe/Patisserie located on Ramsay Street that sells a wide range of beautiful pastries, bread and one of the best cheesecakes in town! The place feels and looks as retro and classic as the area. 

I was so overwhelmed & in awe of the exquisite display of pastries and cakes. But there was one particular cake that Mrs Ramen Raff and I were determined to have. It is none other than their baked ricotta cheesecake.

Whole ricotta cheesecake

A slice of the ricotta cheesecake

We first heard about the popular baked ricotta cheesecake from our friend the G-Man and later, from other bloggers. It did live up to its hype. The ricotta cheesecake is covered with a pastry-like crust. The use of ricotta takes the cheesecake experience to a whole different level of marvel. A slice is quite heavy (even for me) but the taste is amazing and the texture is smooth.

Nocciola gelato
I'm a big fan of gelatos and I could not resist the sight of displayed gelatos. I picked the nocciola (hazelnut) gelato. The taste stays true to the name . It was milky, creamy, and full of real hazelnut goodness! 

Ricotta cannoli

Their ricotta cannoli is now my favourite canoli. The shell was perfectly crunchy and the ricotta filling was amazing. It was pure indulgence and awesomeness in a shell! The sprinkled crushed almond nuts added an extra crunchy texture that made the canoli more exciting to munch on.

If you haven’t been to Pasticceria Papa, then you better head there soon! Warning: a bite of their baked ricotta cheesecake will get you hooked. My afternoon tea at Pasticceria Papa was very yummy for my tummy! How’s yours?
Pasticceria Papa
145 Ramsay Street
Haberfield NSW 2045
(02) 9798 6894
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday 7:30am to 1:00pm


  1. I love their ricotta cheesecake! It's got a lot of texture but not that rich creaminess you get with cream cheese cheesecake. In that sense, I find it lighter.

  2. Oh, I love their ricotta canoli - although I hear Sulfaro's down the road are pretty spesh too. I'm still meaning to try that ricotta cake - a must do next time I'm in Haberfield :)

  3. lol .. my bf took me here.. and i didnt like the cheesecake.. oh odd :(

  4. It's been too long, I miss this place and need a cheesecake fix.

  5. hehe was there yesterday devouring cheesecake <3 and other goodies :D

  6. so many delicious looking bread and cakes...esp the cannoli! oh my...

  7. The ricotta cannoli looks pretty amazing and I must make it a point to stop the next time I drive past Haberfield!

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