Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Menya Mappen

Whassup hungry food lovin' readers? Spring is here but the cold weather still remains. So what do I like to have in this type of weather other than ramen? Beef soba at Menya Mappen!

This time, my journey into the wonderful world of food takes me to a familiar and favourite cuisine of mine. That cuisine is Japanese food. Menya Mappen is just a few minutes walk from Town Hall station located on George Street. 

As I enter this self serve noodle bar, it seemed and felt like I've entered a whole new world. It was like being transported to a back street in retro Tokyo. The displayed poster of classic Japanese/samurai movies was a cool touch to the place. 

To order food, I joined the queue that started from the door. The sight of hustle and bustle at Mappen was a sight of promising good food. Once my turn to order food was up, I started by taking a tray and picked an udon or soba of my choice. Then it was followed by optional choices of tempura and side condiments. 
beef soba

The beef soba was good and comforting. I have always loved the taste and texture of soba.  Adding  light kakedashi soup to the soba gave it more character. Kakedashi is a light soy based soup also flavoured with fish and dried kelp. The topping of cooked tender slices of beef added a nice protein content to the dish. 
prawn and fish tempura

I cannot go pass the tempuras of course! I had a prawn and fish tempura. The batter was perfect to my liking which was crispy and doughy-ish. 

black sesame daifuku

A new favourite Japanese treat of mine is the black sesame daifuku. A sticky rice ball with red bean paste inside.

Mappen food gave me comfort and great tasting food satisfaction. With a place  that has food as tasty and reasonably priced as this, one can't go wrong. My lunch at Mappen was very yumny for my tummy! How's yours?
Menya Mappen
Shop 11, 537-551 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 5525
Opening hours
7 Days 11:30am-10:00pm
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  1. oh haven't seen the black sesame daifuku before. might have to keep an eye open for that one :-)

  2. Ontama Bukkake with extra egg yeahhhhh!

  3. I really need to check this place out! soba looks great ...

  4. So yum - I had it twice last week! Ontama Bukkake is the best!

  5. loveee mappen and you know what? i am eating mappen right now as i speak (type)

  6. agree with suze! ontama bukkake <3 except i like mine with mentaiko!!! :D


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