Saturday, February 24, 2018

Koichi Katsumata Pop-up Dessert Bar at Juan, Redfern

Hey folks! I’m back from the land of the rising sun and excited to share all our Japan food experiences soon. In the meantime, let me share something exciting happening in our beautiful city right now. So, on our first full day back in Sydney, we went and hit up our favourite Japanese restaurant, Juan. The main purpose of this visit was to check out Koichi Katsumata’s Pop-up Dessert bar collab with Juan.

Katsumata-san was a chef patissier at a 2 michellin star restaurant in France. After that, he also worked at famed restaurants Vue De Monde and Bennelong. I think that’s more than enough reason to pay his dessert pop-up bar a visit and see what magic he’s got in store. The pop-up bar consists of a 3 course dessert ($32) menu with an optional main-style dessert ($13).

We started with the Clouds which were marshamallow-like cubes. One cube was covered with matcha and the other with wonderful kinako (roasted soy bean flour). It was a lot like the name, fluffy and soft like clouds. I liked the matcha but the kinako cloud was the star.

The second dish was the Caprese. Yes, as in the Caprese salad! A partnership of foam and a custard-like elements that gives you the flavours of tomato, mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar. I have 2 words for it: Deliciously genius!

The 3rd course is the Mocaron. It’s kinda like a monaka but topped with diced quality fruits like kiwi, pineapple and plum over a sake ganache filled rice wafer.

Last but not least is the Matcha Meringue Chantilly ($13). Velvety matcha cream sandwiched in an amazing crisped meringue and springled with black sesame. I love how the black sesame balances out the bitterness of the matcha and the sweetness of the meringue chantilly. It came with a beautiful kinako ice cream. I absolutely love kinako and this ice cream form is insane!

I am now a fan! I know Japanese and French fusion desserts has been done before. But the ones I’ve had were not as refined and well-balanced as Katsumata-san’s work. The pop-up bar will be around for a few more days so contact Juan for availability.

*Ramen Raff was invited as a guest of Juan.

Shop 5
94a Pitt Street
Redfern NSW 2016
Book here


  1. This was incredible. The Caprese was ridiculously impressive.

  2. Caprese as a dessert?? I'm amazed.


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