Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ramen Megumi by O-san, Neutral Bay

O-san Ramen is loved by many ramen nerds like myself. It could be due to the vibrant flavours Chef Oh puts into his bowls or just how well executed his innovative ramen offerings are. I’ve got some good news for the people of the North! One of Sydney’s tonkotsu ramen masters has opened a new shop at Sydney’s Japanese cuisine central.

Tucked away near Waters Road in Neutral Bay (near Woolworths) is Ramen Megumi by Osan. An ex-sushi place converted to a ramenya. The space reminds me of a small izakaya and a bit like Tenkaippin (a famous chicken paitan ramen chain in Japan). They have just opened last weekend so the menu is still limited. Having said that, there are still great offerings such as classic tonkotsu ramen, gyokai (seafood) tonkotsu ramen and different variations of chicken paitan ramen. Curry rice plates, udon, katsu don and chashu rice bowls are also available. 
 Sides like gyoza (5 pieces for $6.50), karaage chicken (3 pieces for $5 and 5 pieces for $8), edamame ($5), fries ($5) and takoyaki (5 pieces for $5) are also available.
We couldn’t resist ordering their special soy flavoured gyokai tonkotsu ramen ($14). Chef Oh-san tends to make this type of ramen heavier on the fish side without overpowering the pork flavours and that’s how team Ramen Raff loves it. The blend of smoked snapper head and bonito gave the broth deep smoky and umami flavours. The broth has a good amount of fat but it is still easy to slurp. The noodles were thin and cooked futsu (medium). Toppings include menma, negi, onions, spinach and chashu that was tender, sweet and slightly smoky.
We also tried their spicy tori paitan ramen ($12). This is the first time I’ve tried a variation chicken paitan by O-san. It’s almost like a Japanese ramen x Thai cuisine type fusion ramen. Whilst it wasn’t as creamy as how I prefer my tori paitan broth to be, the combination of spicy, umami and sour flavours were really good. It was topped with onions, leek, negi, capsicum and tender chicken thigh pieces. Medium cooked thin noodles were also used in this ramen.

You can also order add-ons like ajitsuke tamago, extra chashu, menma etc. I can’t wait to see what other new things they will be bringing onto the menu.

Ramen Megumi
Shop 4, 4-8 Waters Rd
Neutral Bay NSW

Soft opening hours (subject to change):
Monday to Friday
12pm to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday
12pm to 3pm

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  1. Love your dedication to the ramen cause Raff :) The Gyoza!!!!!


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