Saturday, April 15, 2017

Yakitori Jin, Haberfield

Chef Aki-san grilling yakitori
Haberfield is Sydney's OG little Italy. There you will find amazing Italian eateries like Pastecceria Papa and Napoli in Bocca. But just a few weeks ago, Haberfield had an exciting addition to its charm in the form of a restaurant called Yakitori Jin. Say what?!! A yakitori joint in Haberfield?! Better believe it!

Cabbage salad

This Osaka style Kushiyaki restaurant is located smack bang in the heart of Little Italy on Ramsay Street and they are legit! The space has a casual contemporary Japanese Izakaya look with darkwood tables and fittings. There are around 10 seats at the counter area where you can watch all the yakitori action. There are tables for 2, 3 and one big table by the window for a group of roughly 6-8 people. Head Chef Akihito Marui is their yakitori master who hails from Osaka. His past experience includes working as chef at Torikizoku, a renowned yakitori chain in Japan. 
Tomato and camembert
The Japanese love tomato and cheese plus being in Sydney's little Italy, it just makes sense to have a tomato and camembert ($5 each) kushiyaki on the menu. The combo of sweet tomato and smoky squishy camembert was so nice.
The negima ($6 each) is a chicken thigh and leek yakitori. It was perfectly cooked with smoky and sweet flavours.

Tuscan with cheese

Their tsukune with cheese ($7 each) was our absolute favourite. What's there not to love about a massive chicken meatball chargrilled and glazed with tare then covered with grilled melted cheese?! Loved the notes of garlic, ginger ang negi in the meatball too.
9+ grade wagyu kushiyaki
There is nothing as lux and delicious as much as a 9+ grade Wagyu ($10 each) kushiyaki. Tender, fatty and juicy with every bite.
Their kawa ($5) or chicken skin yakitori reminded me of Torikizoku's version of the same dish. It was smoky, sweet and buttery with some nice tasty crisped bits. It had so much umami.
Enoki mushroom pork
I loved the chewy texture of the enoki mushroom pork ($6 each). There was so much juiciness and flavour with every bite of this mushroom wrapped in a pork belly dish.
XL shiitake mushroom with chicken filling
The XL shiitake mushroom with chicken filling ($7 each) was full of umami with sweet-ish garlic notes.
Chicken yaki gyoza
The chicken yaki gyoza ($16) had a tasty gingery chicken filling. The fried side could have been fried more for better caramelised crisped surface. Nonetheless, it was still a good dumpling.
Kamameshi rice
I love kamameshi rice! Not only for the nostalgic factor but I like how the broth fully flavours the rice at the cooking process and it also had nice crispy flavoursome bits. Their kamameshi ($26) is exactly that! It also has chicken pieces, mushroom and the popping juicy fishy sensation of ikura (fish roe).

One thing is for sure, I'll be back soon to try more. Oishii desu!

Yakitori Jin
101 Ramsay Street
Haberfield NSW 2045
Phone: 8057 2780/0420565101

Tuesday to Thursday 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Friday to Saturday 12.00pm - 2.30pm, 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Sunday 12.00pm - 2.30pm, 5.00pm - 9.30pm

Closed Mondays
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  1. Yakitori in Haberfield? Wow... that is madness! To be honest, I haven't been through Haberfield since they blocked it off at Ramsey/City West link! Thanks Westconnex!! The Tsukune..... wow!!!

  2. Ah wow, that is a surprising spot for a yakitori joint to turn up ... A little touch of Fukuoka in Little Italy! What a great find, I look forward to seeing what else they're throwing on sticks ... !

  3. omg that tskukune with cheese! Would never have thought a yakitori joint would open up in Haberfield of all places either!

  4. Oh yay, so glad you shared this Raff!! This is one to definitely check out. Can't believe that it is located in Haberfield of all places.


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