Friday, March 10, 2017

Burger Project, Parramatta

After opening 8 shops, Neil Perry and the Rockpool Dining Group's Burger Project is still going strong. Their 9th shop opened today at the ground floor of the V building by the Crown group in Parramatta.There's a big craving for quality burgers in Parramatta and this city is going through a transformation phase into the next bustling metropolis in NSW. Neil's burger shop has come in at the perfect time.

Burger Project Parramatta has massive striking glass windows that lets in beautiful natural light and a boutique studio gallery-like interior. Expect the same amazing no nonsense burgers and some fancy selections. The Burger Project arsenal does not stop there! Their crisped hot chips, sundaes, soft serves, shakes and housemade sodas are also available.
Hot chips with chipotle chilli salt - smoky and full of umami
American Cheese burger
The beef patties (made fresh in-house daily) from 36 month Cape Grim beef shines best in their American cheese ($10.50) burger. The beef is minced coarsely so that it creates pockets for juices to be stored in. With every bite, you get pulps of flavoursome beef and juices bursting from those pockets. The smash patties are cooked medium rare to medium well with a beautiful caramelised crust that gives the patties extra umami. The cheese is there for that creamy stretchy texture. The pickles and onion are there for sweet and sour flavours needed to cut through all that richness and the thousand island-like secret sauce and rose mayo compliments the patty. The slightly toasted milk bun is just the perfect carrier for this beauty. 
Bacon project burger with extra cheese and extra beef patty
If you want your burger taken to the next level, then go for the bacon project with extra cheese and extra patty ($14.90 for single patty and add $4.55 for extra patty & extra cheese). It's basically the American cheese with loads of super crispy smoky bacon. Damn, I want more of that bacon.
Magic deluxe burger
If you want something fancy, try their Magic deluxe ($14.90). It's got beef patty, crumbed confit mushroom, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce.

Malted Dulce de leche milkshake
I recommend washing those all down with their dulce de leche milkshake ($7.50). Add extra malt ($0.50) to give it a kick!
Vanilla bean soft serve
The vanilla bean soft serve ($4.50) is so creamy with subtle sweet and woody flavours.

Trust me, go for their American cheese burger or bacon project burger. You won't be disappointed!

Burger Project Parramatta
Shop 1-2
134-140 Marsden Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

Open daily from 11am to 9pm


  1. Burger Project and a soon to open BL Burgers. Parra's getting some burger cred!!! :)


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