Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ryo's Noodles, Bondi Junction

I love that we have awesome ramen offerings in Sydney. Everything from Tokyo-style Chukasoba to black garlic tonkotsu ramen, Sydney has it all covered. Some of them are just a bit far for me to visit. Take the Ryo's Noodles original Crows Nest shop for instance. But last year, the OG of Sydney Ramen has decided to branch out to Bondi Junction. 

Ryo's Bondi Junction also has everything that the Crows Nest shop has on offer. Expect classic tonkotsu and Tokyo-style broths with different bases. There's also rice curry dishes, gyozas, karaage chicken and rice balls on offer. The interior even looks like their original shop. Complete with scrolls of Japanese scripts hanging on their signature yellow wall. 

Now, let's talk about the food:
Gyozas ($7) and ramen are just the perfect combo. You can't go wrong with Ryo's gyozas. They are perfectly cooked with that nice caramelised crust. The pork is very flavoursome with sweet notes from the ginger and garlic. 

I tried their miso based tonkotsu ramen ($14 – no.4 on the menu). The broth had a light pork flavour with sweet and heavy umami flavours driven by the miso tare. The miso also gave the broth a thicker consistency. The wavy noodles were springy and flavoursome from its alkaline component (legit!). It also had two massive slices of thick tender chashu, ajitama (flavoured egg), naruto, shallots and sweet menma. It was definitely a solid bowl of ramen.
Gyokai tonkotsu ramen a.k.a. tonkotsu with fish broth ramen
I also tried their gyokai tonkotsu ramen ($15 – no.5 on the menu), which is a double soup ramen with pork bone broth and fish broth. The broth had a milky consistency with light pork and light fish flavours. The shio based tare gave the broth some depth. The noodles were the same with toppings such as two slices of chashu, shallots, fried shallots and ajitama. I love my thicker and intense tonkotsu broths but I really liked this ramen. Maybe because I'm bias to gyokai tonkotsu but it was just amazing. 

There's a reason why they're the OG and a go to for Sydney ramen lovers. Ryo's ramen technique is seamless from the broth to the ramen formation. 

Ryo's Noodles Bondi Junction
106 Ebley St
Bondi Junction NSW

Opening hours
Mon-Tue: 11:30am to 3pm, 5pm to 9pm
Wed: Closed
Thurs-Sun:  11:30am to 3pm, 5pm to 9pm
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  1. I like that they've kept the same lemon yellow walls and handwritten menu for the Bondi location!

  2. ooh didn't know they opened a bondi junct location!! man your ramen pics always make me salivate ^^


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