Friday, March 18, 2016

Wok & Noodle Bar, Potts Point

I'm totally missing Japan and its amazing ramen. Don't get me wrong; we have great offerings here in Sydney too. But it's the variety that I miss. Japan has opened my eyes and tastebuds to the styles like niboshi ramen, burnt miso ramen, and even green curry ramen! Variety is the spice of life afterall.

Chef Kazuteru Oh (the man behind Osan Ramen in Chinatown, Haymarket) is on a mission to help widen the ramen range here in Sydney. Chef Oh-san has opened Wok and Noodle Bar on Llankelly Place in Potts Point. It's a casual noodle bar where you can enjoy home-style Japanese dishes and of course Ramen! I went and tried their ramen.
Sydney black ramen
First up was a chef's special ramen called Sydney Black ($15). It was reminiscent of what I've had in Gogyo back in Kyoto where hot caramelised lard is incorporated into the broth. Here, Chef Oh used hot caramelised black garlic oil that is incorporated into a triple soup blend of pork, chicken and seafood. The broth was also spicy with a light to medium density. The noodles were just a tiny bit soft than what I would prefer but still good. The toppings consists of menma (pickled bamboo shoots), yam, broccoli, onion, leek, shallots, chilli, mushrooms and parmesan cheese with crispy bits. Overall, it was a really good bowl of ramen and pretty innovative too! With a few adjustments and probably some meat, this ramen can be even more awesome.

Tonkotsu gyokai ramen

Next up, we tried a special ramen that won't be available until winter, which is their tonkotsu gyokai. It's ramen with pork bone and fish double soup broth that is quite popular in Tokyo at the moment. I really looked forward to this ramen as Chef Oh makes one of the best tonkotsu broths in Sydney. It did not disappoint! It was pretty damn amazing! I could taste the perfect balance of pork and smoky fish full of umami goodness. The broth had a medium level density that slightly holds on to the noodles with each slurp. The noodles were slightly firm just the way I like it! Toppings included are chashu, soft boiled tamago, menma, onion and leek. The marinated chashu as expected was nicely caramelised, fatty and super tender.

I admire Chef Oh's pursuit of innovation and to give Sydney more ramen offerings. I can't wait to go back and try the other ramen and homestyle dishes that they have! Word is that their fire wok miso ramen ($16) and black tonkotsu ($13) are pretty delicious too!

Ramen Raff was invited by Wok and Noodle Bar as a guest

Wok and Noodle Bar
Corner Llankelly Place and Springfield Avenue
Potts Point NSW

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 8:00pm


  1. LOOKS SO GOOD! Totally craving ramen now.

  2. Mmm that tonkotsu gyokai sounds perfect for this rainy weather!

  3. This noodle bar look gorgeous. I liked their menu and the food seems tasty. Prices are also very nominal. I was looking for such party venues for my birthday celebration and found this venue to be perfect for the party. Thanks for the review!

  4. We walked past this the other week and had a chat with the waiter after noticing the OSan sign. Hot caramelised lard sounds like my kinda jam!


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