Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cup and Plate Cafe Restaurant, North Parramatta

Athletes enter events like the FIFA World Cup or the Baseball World Cup to compete for glory. I entered a different type of cup in Parramatta called Cup and Plate Cafe restaurant for a different kind of glory. The Korean Fried Chicken kind!

There were only a few places where you can get legit Korean Fried Chicken. Areas like Strathfield, Sydney CBD and Eastwood. Now, Cup and Plate Cafe of North Parramatta (right next to Zip Carwash) has joined the line up with  Korean/Fusion dishes on offer and 7 types of fried chicken available from 6pm. The only thing left for me to do was to check them out.

Soy beef ribs stew

First up, we tried their soy beef ribs stew ($16). Along with it came one serving of rice and 7 types of banchan. The sweet potato scallops was my favourite with its crisped batter and soft sweet innards. The tender beef comes with potato, carrots, mushroom and date with a light sweet soy braising sauce.
Pickled daikon and cabbage salad

Half original and half sweet spicy fried chicken
Original fried chicken
Their fried chicken is the main reason for this visit. We opted for a platter of half of the original and half of the sweet chilli fried chicken ($30 including sides of pickled daikon and cabbage salad). I started with the original to see if it passes the crunch and taste test. Well, it certainly did! The coating definitely packed some crunch but the texture was a little bit lighter compared to Naruone's original fried chicken coating. The meat was juicy and I could taste notes of ginger, onion and garlic. It was definitely delicious.

Sweet spicy fried chicken
The sweet spicy was my favourite between the two. The coating still retained its crunchy awesomeness inspite of being glazed with a sweet spicy sauce. The sauce was sticky and it had a sweet tangy flavour with a tiny bit of heat. I would definitely come back for more of this!

I'm just full of joy knowing that I now have closer access to some glorious Korean Fried Chicken. There are dishes I would like to try like the platter of soy garlic fried chicken ($30) and the soy bean paste soup ($11)

Cup and Plate Cafe Restaurant
132 Victoria Road
North Parramatta NSW 2150

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday
11:00am - 2:30pm
6pm - 11pm
Note: Fried chicken only available from 6pm

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  1. parra's got it all these days! that fried chicken looks ace!

  2. Oooh the sweet spicy fried chicken looks great!

  3. Ooh that chicken looks awesome. Good to see the KFC love is spreading all over Sydney!

  4. I love KFC, to have one so close to home is amazing. I cant wait to try this place.

  5. The KFC looks great! And close to home for me. Great find Ramen Raff! :)


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