Monday, April 13, 2015

Yang's Malaysian Food Truck, Sydney

It's almost been three years since the first batch of food trucks rolled out in the city of Sydney. Since then, their popularity has grown and more has joined the scene. My homie Alexander Wong (ex Chica Bonita Manly, Queenies and China Lane) who we also know as Lex is the latest chef to join the line up with Yang's Malaysian Food Truck.

Alexander Wong aka Chef Lex with partner Chef Ngoc Tina Nguyen

Yang is actually derived from Lex's Chinese name. It's a food truck that offers Malaysian dishes but in good ol' fashion food truck style. Making dishes like Hainanese chicken rice more portable and convenient to eat. Other hawker-style dishes with the Lex twist are also available.
Ramli slider
First up, I tried the Ramli slider ($5) which is Lex's take on the renowned Ramly burger from Malaysia. It consists of juicy beef patty, fried egg, cabbage, onion, worcestershire sauce and Maggi seasoning in sweet soft milk bun. The patty was quite tasty and juicy but it was the pronounced Maggi seasoning that makes this slider different from the Western burgers.
Hainanese chicken wings with chicken rice balls
The Hainanese chicken wings with chicken rice balls ($6) was one of the dishes that I really looked forward to and it did not disappoint! It was accompanied with the classic ginger and chilli sauces. The chicken was perfectly poached and succulent. The rice had the distinct chicken, ginger and garlic flavours.

Last but not least was the soft shell chilli crab with fried mantou ($7). The soft shell crab was cooked spot on and had that delicate crisped soft with flavoursome soft innards. It was mind blowing! The fried mantou was perfect to mop up the spicy, sweet and tangy tomato based sauce. Lex's Singaporean chilli sauce had great depth of flavours.

Word is that there are more things to come out of the Yang's Malaysian Food Truck! So stay tuned! Follow Chef Lex on Instagram and for Yang's next stop.

Yang's Malaysian Food Truck


  1. how amazing is the soft shell crab!!! i gotta try the hainan chicken next!

  2. I've been hearing lots of amazing stuff about them and can't wait to try! They're just so far away though :(

  3. i cannot wait to sink my teeth into that deep fried mantou soaking up the chilli sauce!

  4. That crab looks so good! Now to find this truck for lunch haha.

  5. Gah. Have been wanting to get along (hai Lex) but work has been manic. That soft shell crab with mantou looks the bomb!

  6. Adding this to my must Visit list!!

  7. That burger looks so wholesome!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. so good to see more new trucks popping around Sydney lately. have only tried their chicken roti so far but will definitely be making more visits for their other dishes esp the soft shell crab

  9. Oooh, those chicken rice balls look amazing!

  10. Looks delicious! I love having food truck's food. They are so yummy to have. I can' explain in words. But I love those foods. These Mobile Food Trucks are available at any time and any where.


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