Sunday, December 28, 2014

Two and Twelve, Bondi Beach

The enticing smell of smoked meats in the air with some Busta Rhymes playing in the background was the start of an amazing Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed my recent visit at a new joint in Bondi called Two and Twelve. They're a smokehouse and grill restaurant located on Curlewis Street.

Two and Twelve has an industrial fit out with a fresh urban vibe. They specialise in deli-style sandwiches, Cajun cuisine and Southern-style smoked meats cooked low and slow. A range of meats like beef brisket, snags, pork ribs, chicken and pork belly are available.

We started with some complimentary pork crackling with gochujang mayo. The strands of crackling were perfect with tasty fatty bits! The touch of the smoky chilli salt and gochujang mayo for dipping was highly addictive!
Handcut chips ($7)
Smoked BBQ meats platter

Milk buns with pepper jack butter

Then the platter of smoked BBQ meats ($84) came out and it was game on! It consisted of generous amounts of beef brisket, pork ribs, smoked chicken, and Louisiana boudin. It also came with pickles, milk buns, pepper jack butter, bourbon bbq jus and other condiments.

Smoked beef brisket

The brisket was ridiculously melt-in-your-mouth tender, fatty and smoky. It also had nice crispy caramelised bits that added some sweetness to the brisket. It was my favourite out of all the meats. I suggest pouring bourbon bbq jus on the brisket for extra smokiness and kick.
Pork ribs
The pork ribs meat was so tender too that they easily fell off the bones. The bbq sauce used for the ribs was tasty, tangy and sweet. 
Smoked chicken
The chicken thighs and drumstick were succulent and smoky as well. I also really like that they served some of the delicious stuffing!
Louisiana style boudin
The Louisiana-style smoked boudin sausage had a flaky-like textured filling. This super smoky snag had a blend of duck, beef and pork.

We were so full after all of that. Sadly, our bellies didn't have room for dessert anymore. So we'll just have to return to try their ice cream sandwich right?! The awesome BBQ dishes with warm Southern hospitality style service will keep any homeboy and homegirl coming back for more! This fresh playa in the smoked bbq meats scene is definitely blazin'!

Two and Twelve
141 Curlewis Street
Bondi NSW 2026
Trading hours (Fri to Sun times will change soon. Check website for updates)

Monday to Thursday 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Friday to Saturday 2:00pm to 11pm
Sunday 2:00pm to 10am

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  1. Looks awesome! A bit hard for me to get there, though.

  2. whoa dude! i can't believe you guys stomached all that (well i kind of can lol), all that for $84, not bad value considering that it is in Bondi!

  3. ooh free crackling but ERMAHGERD DAT BRISKET!!!

  4. Holy meat tray Batman. Shout outs to those chicken thighs, they look #sojuicy.

  5. It is pretty far for me, but looking at your photos, seems worth it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Phoarr I left sydney at a good time didn't I? I want the ribs, the brisket, the crackling, the milk buns and boudin sausage. Grrrr...
    I love how brisket and BBQ is trending now!

  7. oh no wonder the sausage is so dark, must be the duck meat haha i thought it was super burnt. mmm so much meaty goodness and phwoar that pork crackling with gochujang mayo sounds addictive

  8. So many smoke houses are opening up these days, I just can't keep up with all the meaty goodness!

  9. good to see so many restaurent with smoked meat are opening, it will be a good deal.


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