Monday, March 3, 2014

The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

I'm ecstatic that Sydney's Westside coffee culture is expanding. Even if it's towards Northwest, the fact that specialty coffee has become more accessible out this way is something to be excited about. But what's even more exciting is that there's a place called The Tuckshop in Glenhaven that serves both specialty coffee and CHEESEBURGERS! Y'all know how much I love coffee and cheeseburgers!

It’s all thanks to Chocolatesuze's cheeseburger radar and guidance of awesomeness, another happy place has been revealed for everyone to enjoy. The Tuckshop is a specialty coffee shop with a touch of milk bar brought to us from the team behind The Baron and Nathan Hindmarsh of Parramatta Eels. It has the same laid back vibe as The Baron but it's milk bar items like burgers and milkshakes is what that separates this joint from its predecessor.

Piccolo latte with Single Origin Roaster's Killer Bee blend
They use Single Origin Roaster's Killer Bee blend for their coffee. I opted for a piccolo latte ($3.50) and I was very impressed with the pulled espresso shot to textured milk ratio. The fruity and toffee notes clearly pierced through the steamed textured milk without a trace of bitterness. The milk had perfect temperature.

Malt milkshake and caramel milkshake
Their milkshakes were like happiness in liquid form. The malt milkshake ($5) had a very potent malt flavour that sent my taste buds to malt paradise. The caramel milkshake ($5) was not overly sweet and had a light texture.
Southern fried chicken wings in Frank's hot sauce
We had to order Southern fried chicken wings in Frank's hot sauce ($12) because it's fried chicken! It is kind of like their version of Buffalo wings but with a twist of aioli as a dip. The batter had a lot of crunch and the hot sauce gives the wings an amazing tang and hot kick. The aioli was very addictive.

Now, the moment we've been waiting for and the item I looked forward to the most was the Cheesy ($12). I decided to add an extra patty for $3. It's their take on the classic cheeseburger with a juicy and flavoursome beef patty, American cheese, ketchup, onion, mustard and pickles in a soft sweet bun. When I'm not dreaming of ramen, I dream of cheeseburgers. Not only will I be craving this but I will be dreaming of it too. That's how superb this cheeseburger was and it totally belongs up there amongst Sydney's best burgers. It also came with perfectly spiced shoestring fries.

The top-notch coffee, friendly service and unforgettable cheeseburger makes The Tuckshop Northwest Sydney's new happy hangout joint. It is now one of my favourite eating-places to visit and go to joint for a mind-blowing cheeseburger fix and coffee

The Tuckshop
1/78 Glenhaven Road
Glenhaven NSW
Trading hours: 6am to 6pm

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  1. How good is it! I went a few weeks back and it was burger heaven! The owners are super lovely as well and I can't wait to go back!

  2. I just went on Sat. Totally agree, their cheeseburger is seriously good! :)

  3. So much love for their cheeseburgers!!

  4. Glenhaven has a lot to thank the boys for, this place is awesome.

  5. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing

    im out of the blogging scene!!

  6. Good choice in adding an additional patty :D

  7. DAYUM you are the burger master alright. Where do you keep finding these?

    Btw, as an aside - is your blog's RSS feed working? In my RSS reader your last visible post is Milk Bar (which was AGES ago), but your site's clearly still going?

    1. hahaha Thanks man! Re: RSS, I think I just fixed it. I had to remove something in my settings.

  8. Looks well worth the drive to experience this cool tuckshop. The hot wings and cheeseburgers does look pretty damn amazing! :)

  9. Cheese burger looks delicious! Shame this place isn't a little closer to me :(

  10. Southern fried chicken wings in Frank's hot sauce? It makes me droll. I think i want the cheeseburger... Anyone can tell me the difference between burger in Kiama Australia and here?

  11. I am 'Murican and this looks good! However, what is American cheese? Is it like kraft singles?? lol I use to love melting kraft singles on my burgers, ugh I am so gross for admitting that.

  12. haha it looks as though we share the same dreams raff!


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