Monday, February 10, 2014

Jones The Grocer, Sydney

Modern Australian is one cuisine that never ceases to please. Just like this nation, this cuisine embraces all other cuisines and also showcases local produce at its utmost best. This is where Australian owned culinary empire known as Jones The Grocer excels.

What started as a premium gourmet food retail has now expanded to a one-stop cafe/brasserie/patisserie and gourmet food retail establishment. Jones The Grocer has opened restaurants globally, which includes Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, Auckland, Victoria and a few in New South Wales. The Sydney flagship was the latest establishment to open right in heart of the CBD inside Westfield Sydney. It took over the old Quarter Twenty One's spot on Level 5. As you enter the premises, one is greeted with the enticing sight of their gourmet grocery area. The open kitchen next to the warm and elegant dining area is sure to whet a diner's visual appetite.

Blood orange and cardamom cordial

Lime and kaffir leaves cordial

The blood orange and cardamom cordial ($5) was pre-made by Jones The Grocer (and the bottle can be purchased in the premises). It was very refreshing and the cardamom flavour lifts the natural sweetness of the blood orange. The Lime and kaffir cordial ($5) is also a pre-made drink by Jones The Grocer.  The lime taste is very evident and the hint of kaffir leaves carries the lime flavour around your palate allowing it to linger.

Soft fresh herb risotto with asparagus, taleggio and black truffle oil

The first entreƩ was a soft fresh herb risotto with asparagus, taleggio and black truffle oil ($16) was a very aromatic and tasty dish. The creaminess of the risotto was complimented by the herbs and asparagus. While the fruity tang of the taleggio cheese and full body flavour of the black truffle oil gave the dish a pleasing luxe finish.

Barbecued free-range quail with spinach, apple salad and bois boudran sauce

The other entree was barbecued free-range quail with spinach, apple salad and bois boudran sauce ($21) was all about delicate flavours and texture. The quail was nicely cooked and the bois bourdan sauce wonderfully brought the whole dish together.

Free-range slow roasted pork cutlet with carrot puree, poached prune and cabbage pangrattato salad

One of the mains that we had was a free-range slow roasted pork cutlet with carrot puree, poached prune and cabbage pangrattato salad ($32). The juicy pork went very well with the creamy carrot puree. The sweetness from the puree and poached prune was the perfect combination with pork. The fat was a little bit on the rubbery side but the perfectly cooked meat made up for it. As the pork was grilled, it was very understandable that a crispy crackling would be difficult to achieve.

Slow-cooked beef short rib with roast eye fillet, mushrooms, and red wine sauce

The star of the night was their slow-cooked beef short rib with roast eye fillet, mushrooms and red wine sauce ($35). The twice-cooked beef short rib was awesome in so many levels. It was very tender, extra juicy and the caramelised surface of the meat was so delicious. The roast eye fillet was perfectly cooked medium rare and the red wine sauce gave the dish an exquisite finish.

Young coconut rice pudding with mango and candied almonds

The first dessert was a young coconut rice pudding with mango and candied almonds ($12). The rice pudding itself had that nice vanilla flavour that I loved so much. The young coconut, mango and candied almond gave the dish pleasing textures and subtle flavours. Inspite of all the other present components, the rice pudding remained the centerpiece of the dish.
Warm sticky date pudding with salted caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream

Their warm sticky date pudding, with salted caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream ($12) was an outstanding dessert! All three components formed one of the most luscious things to hit my palate. This is one dish that every Jones The Grocer patron should not miss!

Lemon cheesecake

The slice of lemon cheesecake ($6) had a sweet and subtle sour taste with a texture that's velvety. The citrus hint in this cake took this cheesecake to another level.

Nutmeg custard tart

Their pastry chef's exceptional skills were very evident in their nutmeg custard tart ($4.50). The sweet short crust was perfect and the nutmeg made the custard filling a treat to remember.

Jones the grocer is truly a food lover's paradise. You get value for money in terms of the servings size of their dishes, the quality ingredients used and the passion that goes into creating them. Their service is superb and unpretentious. You can also shop for gourmet produce like wine, cheese and cured meat in the premises. They also have a patisserie and bakery for your pastry, cake and bread needs. I would like to thank their restaurant manager Mace for making our dinner an enjoyable experience.

Ramen Raff dined as a guest of Jones The Grocer. Many thanks to Cav Con for the invitation.

Jones The Grocer
Cnr Market & Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Trading Hours
Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-late
Sunday: 8:00am-7:00pm

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  1. woah that beef rib! i want it i need it!

  2. that risotto looks so good and good combo too ^^

  3. the sticky date pudding is truly amazing! so much goodness on a plate

  4. YUM!!!
    So many delicious dishes and so many wonderful flavours!!
    I loved the look of the sticky date pudding and the slow cooked short ribs, YUM cardamon cordial!

  5. Love Jones' sticky date pudding!!!!

    Totally have me ready for my visit tomorrow! :)
    The beef ribs is calling me!!

    - Cassie

  7. All looking good. What I love and had no idea of, how far afield they have expanded the empire. Woot, go Jones!

  8. Woah this looks amaaaazing! I've browsed in here to look at their gourmet goods you can take home but had no idea the food was this amazing. Would love to visit!

  9. I couldn't get enough of the risotto and sticky date pudding! So delicious :D I dined there for lunch last time but the dinner menu looks equally as promising


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