Friday, December 14, 2012

Mexico - Food and Liquor, Surry Hills

One thing is for sure, Sydney is experiencing Mexican food fever.  Sydneysiders are going nuts over the flavours of Mexico. It's probably one of the most exciting dishes I've had. It probably has to do with the vibrant culture of Mexico reflective in its cuisine. The use of ingredients such as various chilli pepper sauces like chipotle, the presence of corn, avocado and braised meat contributes to the exciting elements of Mexican cooking.

A recent trip with other fellow food bloggers to a new establishment in Surry Hills known as Mexico - Food and Liquor restaurant (where District Dining used to be) made me fall in love with Mexican food all over again.  I haven't been to the country of Mexico yet. But the attention to detail that they have invested on the restaurant's decor made me feel like I was living it up in Mexico! I enjoyed everything we had but I will focus on the dishes I loved most.
Coffee and Ancho Braised Beef Rib 

To begin with, I would like to introduce you to their almighty Coffee and Ancho Braised Beef Rib ($16). What's not to love? It’s a big chunky, juicy and tasty meat that's so tender, it fell off the bones. The caramelised taste of its outer layer added an intense & enjoyable flavour. It was a Chef's special, so I'm not sure as to when they will have it available again. I do hope that it makes a regular appearance on the menu.
Wild mushroom, fennel & marjoram, sour cream, toasted pinenuts taco  
The Wild mushroom, fennel & marjoram, sour cream, toasted pinenuts taco ($ 6) was a very pleasant surprise! The mild truffle/ earthy flavour of the mushroom and the creamy sauce was sensational. Probably one of my most favourite tacos ever!
Prawn, smoked paprika, chilli & orange quesadilla with corn salsa
The Prawn, smoked paprika, chilli & orange quesadilla with corn salsa ($ 10) was another favourite that night! Never had prawns in a quesadilla before but the evident fresh flavour of the chopped prawns and smoked paprika worked well.
Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt with spicy tomatillo dressing
The Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt with spicy tomatillo dressing ($6) were very addictive. It's the perfect snack to have with their awesome cocktails and alcoholic drinks.

The other stuff we had were:
Pork Tacos

Beef brisket braised in coconut & ancho with green onion, chilli, papaya  ($6)

Beetroot, blood orange, chilli peanut salad w queso fresco, tostada

Roast eggplant, green onion & walnut with black cumin sour cream     ($12)

MEXICO’s fried chicken ($ 12)

Tostaditas of crab

Overall, Mexico Food and Liquor has an amazing friendly vibe and space. The food and drinks leaves the palate wanting more. Last but not least, the Mexican inspired music in the background completes the enjoyable experience.

Ramen Raff dined as a guest of Mexico Food and Liquor via Simon of The Heart of Food.

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Mexico - Food & Liquor
17 Randle St Surry Hills ·
02 9211 7798.
Opening Hours. 7 days. Noon til' late


  1. beef rib!!! i still have dreams about that beef rib!!

  2. I can't wait to go back for more of the mushroom taco and prawn quesadilla! So much goodness :)

  3. I'm going this weekend. Will be taking note of your post. I adore mexican food. OLE!

  4. Definitely feel a Mexican fever wave sweeping over Sydney and its definitely a good thing! Everything you snapped looks wonderful.. I want to try everything!!

  5. I cannot wait to go here - going to try and book a table for next week (wish me luck)! I like the sound of the mushroom taco...

  6. very nice food i can not wat it is a Mexican cuisine food so i think it is very testy.

  7. Planning on going here some time this week! Pretty keen for that beef rib :D

  8. I know this is from last year, but great post! I've never been here, but it looks fantastic. What do you think of El Loco? I heard it was also really good (actually been looking for some new Mexican spots - time to branch out ;) ) Found some good ones here: - actually mentions El loco. Got any other recommendations? Cheers!


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