Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iron Chef, Cabramatta

One of my favourite phrases  is from rapper Jermaine Dupri, which goes -"If you wanna dance, Imma make you dance". That's just what suckling pig and dumplings do to me. They make my heart want to dance from excitement. I normally get my dumpling and suckling pig fix from Chinatown, Haymarket.  As much as I love getting my dimsum and suckling pig from Haymarket, there are times when I just don't want to do the travel to the CBD.

Then, I heard of Iron Chef in Cabramatta from two of my favourite blogs - Noodlies and Chocolatesuze. I've always wanted to try this place since it's not too far for me travel to. Especially due to the good reviews that I've heard and read.  Recently, I received an invite from Wasamedia to join other fellow food bloggers for yum cha lunch at Iron Chef.

It is a Cantonese restaurant similar to the likes of East Ocean and Marigold at Haymarket that serves Yum Cha for brunch and lunch. This establishment boasts of contemporary Cantonese themed decor. When several food bloggers are gathered in one place, a delicious massive feast comes pouring down.

Siu mai
The siu mai is one of my all-time favourite dumpling to have at yum cha. Their version of this classic silky pork in wheat flour wrapper dumpling was nicely done.
Chicken feet
Har gow
I also liked their har gow which is prawns wrapped in an almost see through thin rice flour sheet. The wrapper has a perfect slightly gelatinous & chewy yet firm texture. The prawn filling was quite flavoursome.
Haam sui gok
The Haam sui gok also known as a fried pork dumpling tickled my fancy too. The rice flour surrounding the pork filling is sticky and slightly sweet with crispy outer layer.
Deep fried prawn dumplings
Crispy fried prawns
The crispy fried prawns are battered prawn that is deep fried.  The batter has a crispy and slightly chewy texture. The whole dish is nicely seasoned with salt and pepper.

Suckling pig
Suckling pig pancake
The suckling pig pancakes were my absolute favourite. My mouth was partying to the tiles of perfectly crispy crackling and suckling pork meat. To top all of that, it was wrapped in a slightly sweet thin doughy pancake wrapper with hoisin sauce and cucumber. This truly deserves the title of awesome!
Egg tarts
The egg tarts have this fluffy and flaky pastry that I love so much. It is filled with egg custard filling. The filling is creamy and not too rich with the right amount of sweetness and brûlée like flavour.
Mango pancakes
Another favourite yum cha item of mine is the mango pancakes. Iron Chef's version was one of the best I've had! The wrap is like a smooth doughy pancake. The combination of mango pieces and sweet cream was absolute bliss.
Iron Chef
To all my Western Sydney readers, we don't have to travel too far just to have amazing dimsum. Iron Chef will not just satisfy your yum cha cravings, it will also take you on a dumpling journey that you wouldn't want to end.

Ramen Raff was invited by Wasamedia to dine at Iron Chef.

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant
84 Broomfield Street
Cabramatta NSW 2166

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  1. that suckling pig crackling looks very good

  2. Very awesome. Love how you got the real names too. I know the names of most of our faves (haam sui gok or hargao) but for some of the lesser faves, we have nicknames like furry footballs or dolphin fart (dau fu fa).


  4. Hmmm, I didn't see you dancing at yum cha Raff...I'll have to keep a better eye out next time. I really enjoyed this yum cha. Loved the prawn dumplings...and the squid legs too!

  5. Iron Chef is the best! I personally love the har gow there so I usually head there once in a while :)

  6. Gosh, everything was so yum that day, good to see you again too mate.

  7. Looks fantastic - everything looks so fresh and beautiful :)


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