Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Circa, Parramatta

The city of Parramatta continuously transforms into a playground for foodies. The level of awareness for good food and coffee has grown over the years on this side of Sydney. One cafe that's really done well in the last year is Circa Espresso in Parramatta.

 This rustic and laid back cafe is located on Wentworth Street and within walking distance from Parramatta train station. Many coffee aficionados and food bloggers I know rave about this place. After reading and hearing so many good things, a visit to this place was long overdue. So, a few weeks ago, I finally went for a breakfast visit.

Flat white
I'm a flat white kind of guy and this cup of coffee ($3.50) was so good. It was smooth, not too strong and had a low acidic after taste. It also had a thin layer of velvet froth. Little marionette beans were used for both the mocha and flat white. I was told by the barista that they would soon be using Coffee Alchemy beans, which got me super excited!
Baked eggs
The Baked egg ($14) had slices of sujuk, Danish fetta and tomato served with sourdough toast in a pan. The combination of light salty flavour from the fetta, the sweet smoky taste from the sujuk sausage and fresh sour tomato works so well. To top it up with perfectly cooked egg is heavenly.

French toast
 This is how one does amazing French toast ($14)! It had rhubarb compote, labne and crushed pistachio. This bad boy takes French toast to another level. It has a crusty outer layer and the texture inside is almost spongy with a little bit of moist. The compote gives it a sweet fruity flavour. The labne is like yoghurt cheese with creamy texture.

You can't go wrong with a place where the staff are friendly, great tasting food are reasonably priced and the coffee is amazing. It's the perfect chill out and catch up joint on this part of town. Circa Espresso is a humble cafe with food and coffee that boasts superb quality.

21 Wentworth Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
Opening Hours
Tues - Fri: 7am till 4pm
Sat & Sun: 8am till 3pm
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  1. this is my favourite place, too bad i live quite far from it or id be a daily visitor. love their banana bread w/ passionfruit butter.

  2. I agree - Circa is wonderful and it's transformed Parramatta. Great food & coffee and SO close to home! You should sell your cupcakes there ('cos I wanna try them).

  3. That french toast looks very unique and sooo good! Love trying different variations of old classics... This looks like a great Parra find :)

  4. Yumyum, love Circa! So glad you liked it. That french toast looks a-ma-zing

  5. wow your baked egg looks yum!! :)

  6. Im a big fan of circa too! The baked eggs are my breakfast favourite.

  7. These are so yummy, i will surely try this on this holiday.
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