Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nonya by Ginger & Spice

I’m going through a Malaysian food phase at the moment. It is so easy to get hooked on Malaysian food. Besides the amazing combination of flavours the dishes has to offer, each and every dish tells a story of Malaysia’s rich culinary history and people. The varieties of dishes come from its diverse and multi-ethnic population of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, and Nyonya.

I was so excited to hear that another Malaysian restaurant has opened in Sydney called Nonya. Then I started throwing fist pumps in the air when I heard about their promotion that up to the 26th of January 2012, their mains are priced up to only $5! I do love a bargain! Nonya is located near the heart of Haymarket/Chinatown, corner of Dixon Street and Goulburn Street. This contemporary looking restaurant is located on the second level of 1 Dixon Street.

Simon (The Heart of Food) and I made plans to venture out to Nonya and check out the food.  When we were finally seated, we also noticed that the staff were very friendly and polite. The game plan was, to order “a lot”! Please note that due the “everything is $5” promotion, servings are smaller than the actual full priced servings.
Black cattle

Iced leom tea

Char kway teow

 The popular flat rice noodle dish char kway teow (CKT) (Normally $11) was first served. It was over all, good. It had all the flavours of that you would expect from a CKT. The breath of a wok’s essence is present, giving the CKT a slightly sweet and slightly caramelised soy taste.  The usual ingredients like slices of Chinese sausages, prawns, been sprouts and shallots are included. It was not as spicy as I expected (and wanted it to be) but nevertheless, I still enjoyed every bite of it.

Beef rendang

The beef rendang (Normally $11) was our favourite dish of the night. I don’t know how else I can explain this delicious and rich tasting dry caramelised curry type dish.  But amongst all the rendang I’ve had, this by far is superior. The beef was tender and the sauce’s mind-blowing flavours were making my mouth jump for joy.

Chicken rice

Hainan chicken

The Hainan chicken (Normally $10) was perfectly cooked and has a clean taste. The side sauces are so good and they definitely got the chicken party started. The rice, which was cooked in chicken stock, was rich in flavour.

Assam prawns

We cannot ignore the Assam Prawns ($11). I was so glad we ordered it. The Assam sauce was rich in tamarind flavour but sweeter than what I’m used to. Nonetheless, it was an awesome Assam dish. The prawns were perfectly cooked. The pineapple pieces brought balance to everything in the dish.


This was the first time I had bakuteh ($12). Simon mentioned that it should have a clean porky and herbal taste. After my first taste of the broth, I have noticed the flavours of star anise and cinnamon. It has tender pork pieces with soft bone, mushrooms and fried tofu puff. I must also mention that this is an acquired taste type dish.

I would certainly return and try all the other dishes. I certain got hooked on their mouth-watering food and especially their beef rendang.  Our dinner at Nonya was very yummy for our tummies! How’s yours?

 Nonya by Ginger & Spice
Level 2, 1 Dixon Street 
(02) 9283 7022
Open for lunch and dinner

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  1. Awesome catching up with you. Always a bonus when it's over food :)

    Curious about how some of the other dishes are, like the Ngoh Hiang we missed out on.

  2. Love reading both you and Simon's poss about Nonya. Will try the beef rendang when I go visit. Bak keh tea is also very easy to make at home =) let me know if you want me to send you the recipe I use!

  3. I'm really keen to try this place - it all looks really good. What is the black cattle - is it coffee with cream on top???

  4. cool. another malaysian to add to the list :-)

  5. This is a great place, I happen to have been a regular to their first business, Ginger & Spice. so I know the food & staff well :) Glad you enjoyed their food! I haven't tried their Black Cattle & Bakuteh before, always fun to find new stuff off a menu.

  6. i love Hainan chicken .. i went to temsak and was very disappointed.. guess i'll need to add this one on the list!!!!

  7. Food looks lovely and fresh. I don't know what 'Black Cattle' is but it looks awesome!

  8. It was good meeting you and Simon that night! Keep up the eating and awesome photos!!

  9. i tried their CKT 2days ago and it was scorching hot! they mustve read your blog and reflected on it haha! the hainan chicken was great!

  10. Loved the food, service was very fast! There were 7 of us and as soon as we were seated, we were provided with a menu and have ordered more than 15 dishes only waited for less than 15 mins , the dishes are ready to be served!!

    Definately would come back for more!!! I actually prefer Nonya than Mamak : )

  11. Yum, i tried their CKT(spicy ) and hainanese chicken and singaporean crab last nigt it was definitely worth a visit for a malaysian fix in cbd!


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