Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gotham - Bar and Dining

A few weeks ago, my friend Tonkotsu Bexx celebrated her birthday at Gotham. The word Gotham is used in pop culture as another name for New York and it is also a popular city in the comic book world. When Bex first mentioned that she wanted to celebrate her birthday at Gotham, I was expecting for this guy to show up:
There was no sign of this dude

Gotham – Bar and Dining is one of the coolest and sleek looking bars that I've been to. It is located on Oxford Street at Darlinghurst. It had a combined look of a vintage and contemporary New York bar. Gotta love the giant clock display behind the bar! Food is chosen from a small menu and ordered at the bar.

 grilled scallop, lemon & basil risotto with shellfish sauce

The grilled scallop, lemon & basil risotto with shellfish sauce ($16 – entrée) was amazing. It had a smooth buttery and creamy taste that is tamed by the citrus lemon. The hint of basil completes the dish. The grilled scallop was perfectly cooked.

crisp chicken wings with lime mayonnaise

The crisp chicken wings with lime mayonnaise ($12.50) were to die for! It had an outer layer of crunchiness that is packed with great flavour. The inside is so juicy good. The fun does not stop there! Dipping the fried chicken in lime mayo takes it to another level of awesomeness.

chocolate brownie with coconut sorbet & chocolate sauce

The chocolate brownie with coconut sorbet & chocolate sauce ($13) was a homerun-winning dessert! I enjoyed it heaps. It was the best chocolate brownie I’ve had. The coconut sorbet was so good on its own and a perfect partner to the chocolate brownie.

Based on how their food tasted, it seemed like they don't hold back on good quality ingredients. Gotham Bar has a great dining atmosphere, friendly staff, and amazing tasting food. Will I return to Gotham Bar for dinner/drinks? You bet I will! My dinner at Gotham was very yummy for my tummy! How's yours?

Gotham - Bar & Dining
35 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Opening hours:
Wed – Sat 5pm to midnight
Sun 4pm to Late
Phone: (02) 9283 1891
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  1. I really liked this place when I visited a few months ago...very cool decor and great food too. Woot!

  2. woohoo! glad you enjoyed yourself... I could really do with some of those chicken wings right now. Such a good name for a bar hehe

  3. The perfect place for you. Happy birthday to Bex. The good sounds great, been meaning to come here for a while.

  4. It looks like a great venue. I would love those chicken wings.

  5. i want some of that scallop right now!

  6. wah look at that brownie >_< I want some!

  7. i really really really want that brownie!

  8. Danananana.. what, no batman?

    Looks really awesome for a place to hang. Gotta check out Gotham soon..

  9. this place looks so cool, like something from a batman movie!

  10. This place looks awesome. And it seems the bar is nicely stacked ;)


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