Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hi Thai - Sydney Olympic Park

Where does a hungry Shinobi go for lunch in Sydney Olympic Park? A hungry Shinobi goes to Hi Thai of course!

Raff as Kakashi

If y'all are wondering who that hungry Ninja is, it is none other than your friendly food blogger Ramen Raff! A few weeks ago, my Shinobi friends Ichigo Jay, Naruto Neil and I went to Sydney's Supanova 2011 event. It’s an annual event dedicated to Japanese anime, comic books, sci-fi, and video games.  

Team Sailor Moon

Catwoman and Kakashi

Kakashi and Bruce Lee

Naruto and Kakashi

I decided to rock up as my favourite Japanese anime character, Kakashi Hatake (from the Naruto manga). The event was full of dedicated Cosplayers like myself. I was in my element and had my "geek on!". I even felt like a celebrity. Every few minutes, someone would stop this Shinobi to take a photo with me.  As awesome as the event was, there comes a time when a Ninja gets hungry. So, we decided to leave Supanova for a while and go to Hi Thai  for lunch. It  is across the Olympic Park Station  located within the strip of restaurants and cafes. Hi Thai had a modern and laid back feel to it. Perfect for casual dining.

Prawn roll

Pad Thai

Roast duck curry

Roast duck curry was my favourite Thai curry dish and Hi Thai cooks it just the way I like it. A thick red curry consistency with a bit of bite to it's spiciness. I love the combination of red creamy curry, roast duck and lychee. 
Fried ice cream

I ended lunch with a huge serving of deep fried ice cream. I said huge because it's a bigger serving than what I'm used to. It wasn't just big in size, but it also tasted nice. It was crunchy on the outside with vanilla ice cream goodness inside. After eating the fried ice cream, I was a satisfied and full Ninja.
If you are after good casual Thai dining around the Sydney Olympic Park area, check out Hi Thai. My lunch at Hi Thai was very yummy for my tummy! How's yours?  
Hi Thai
6 Dawn Fraser Avenue
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
(02) 9764 3888
Monday to Friday: 9am-9pm
Weekends: 11am-9pm


  1. great costume Raff!!!! and great find! i wouldn't have known there was good thai in olympic park!

  2. omg I am so proud of you right now! That kakashi get-up is awesome.
    Food lookin pretty good too ;D

  3. Thanks for that. I'm looking for a place around that area for a show later this month :)

  4. aw man i totes wanted to go to supanova but none of my friends were willing to go if i dressed up!

  5. Hi idontcryieat - it is a great find. Can't remember the exact prices but from memory, it was reasonable. Thanks, I'll prolly use the same costume next year too.

    Hi Shaun - Thanks dude! Kakashi rockz! Food was good too. Wish they had Thai ice tea though.

    Hi Tina - definitely check it out!

    Hi chocolatesuze - my shinobi friends and I are going to Supanova again next year. Come join us! We'll definitely be dressin up!

  6. is that a wig? teehee i like kakashi as well :)

  7. Cool cosplay, I was Minnie Mouse for Supanova this year. It was good this year. Hi Thai looks good, could go for a curry rice and fried ice cream right now ^_^;

  8. That is SO awesome!! I have always wanted to go to Supernova but I always forget when it's on :( Where did you get your costume from??
    Love the Deidara costume as well.. I'm resolving to go to the next one!!


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