Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taste Baguette - Martin Place

In the last two weeks, 75% of my lunches consisted of Taste Baguette. The baguettes, macarons, pastries and their coffee just keeps pulling me back here. I find myself abandoning a planned lunch elsewhere and I end up getting my baguette fix. One would find freshly baked baguettes hard to resist. There are other branches in the Sydney CBD area but the Ramen League and I frequently go to the Martin Place joint.

Someone once told me that there are two things that keeps customers coming back to a cafe or restaurant. It is friendly service and delicious food. Taste Baguette provides both. They also offer wholemeal and rye baguettes. For those that don’t know what baguettes are, they are long thin loaf of French bread that has a crisp crust.

There is no way someone could pass by this place without noticing, stopping and checking out what they’ve got to offer. The eye catching display of pastry will call out to you and draw you in. The smell of coffee and fresh baguettes will make you want to eat here. The baguettes here are freshly baked every 15 minutes.

The awesome crispy roast pork 

roast pork baguette $9.80 (extra $1 to dine in)

The roast pork baguette comes with lettuce, rocket, brie cheese, honey mustard mayo and pork crackling. The pork is juicy and tender while the brie cheese and honey mustard makes the experience in your mouth creamier. The crispy pork crackling which had a hint of herb (it could be sage or fennel), is the highlight of the show. There is only one word to describe it, “awesome!!!”.
Vietnamese style lemongrass beef baguette $9.80 (extra $1 to dine in)

My healthy lunch choice is the wholemeal Vietnamese style lemongrass beef baguette.  The beef itself has been marinated in lemongrass. It also has pickled carrots, radish cucumber, coriander, spring onion. Again, this is another “awesome” baguette. The beef’s juice which is a product of the marination is full of lemongrassy goodness. The salad in the baguette gives it a refreshing taste.
caramel and hazelnut macarons

Their macarons here are all gluten free. My favourite’s the caramel macaron. It was surprisingly not too sweet and it also leaves a very nice after taste.

ristretto flat white

The ristretto flat white is their popular cup of coffee. It is strong, bold, but not bitter. I prefer having it with skim milk so that the shot of ristretto can be highlighted with every sip. 

If you need a coffee, pastry, or baguette fix, I highly recommend Taste Baguette. My lunch at Taste Baguette was very yummy for my tummy. How’s yours?
Taste Baguette - Martin Place
25 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
(near the MLC Centre)

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  1. i heart the crackling pork baguette at taste! so freaking addictive!

  2. OMG! I heart the crackling too! One of the best I've ever had.

  3. OMG - that roast pork baguette! That's it - I'm going tomorrow!

  4. I was just saying the other day I wish I knew a sandwich shop or bakery that did roast pork rolls! It has been found, so excited to try this for lunch tomorrow!

  5. @Tina - Go for it!

    @Bianca - How cool was that? Your wish just came true! It is the best roast pork roll/sandwich ever and the crackling is amazing!

  6. Everyone raves about this place -- makes me wish I worked and/or went more often to the city.
    Pork cracklin'!! XD

  7. I envy those who can indulge in such delights in the city! Would love to try this as everyone is always raving about it :)

  8. Looks like they have a good selection of food there! New place for me to try for lumch..

  9. Ohhhh i'm french and bread lover... I can't believe I have never heard of this place before and I walk through the city quite often.

    I will give it a go and let you know what I think about the baguette :)

  10. Hi Muppy - When you do get the chance, try the crispy roast pork roll!

    Hi Joseph - I have a feeling you'll be going there for lunch very often hehehe. Coffee there is good too, try the skim ristretto capp or ristretto flat white.

    Hi Stephan - I would love to hear your opinion of their baguettes. Best time to go is lunch time as they have fresh baguettes every 15 mins.

  11. Yummy caramel macaron and coffee! I definitely need to check this place out.

  12. I don't know about you people but i saw a cockroach crawling over the pastries on the display and we all know where there is one cockroach there are many so that just disgusted me now i am never going back there again...


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